Allison Carter
Dr. Allison Carter


Allison Carter




Behavioral Neurologist

Date of Birth

January 29th, 1970


Nelly Carter


Edgar Carter

Significant Other

Nate Sark (separated)


Albert Carter
Alvin Carter


Jack Carter

Dr. Allison Carter (January 29th, 1970) was born in Dallas Texas to Edgar Carter and Nelly Carter.  She is the older sister of Jack Carter.  Allison's father was a scientist, and she too wanted to be one growing up.  She was always much smarter than her older brother, and much more interested in academics.  She wanted to save the world.  She loved working with animals, and volunteered at the local animal shelter when she turned 16.  After graduating High School in 1988, she attended Texas A&M. In 1994 she became an Aunt, when Fleur Carter was born. She graduated with a doctorate in Biological Neuropathy in 1996.  After that she took a job with a European Science Company.  In 2005, when her brother got a divorce she returend to the states and took a job in Seattle so that she could be closer to her brother.  A year later, when her niece ran away from home and Jack moved to Ivory Island, Allison came to visit him there.  It was there that she met Nate Sark.  The two started dating, much to her brother's dismay.  Nate was surprised that Jack had such a brilliant sister.  Nate even offered Allison a job at Arcturus, but she turned him down because Arcturus did unethical animal testing.  Allison did stay in town a while, and eventually became pregnant with twin boys.  She and Nate split, but did so amicably.  The two just weren't compatible, and Allison was alright with that.  She named her twins Albert and Alvin, named after Albert Einstein and Alvin Platinga, an analytical philosopher.  Allison left Indigo Bay after giving birth, and returned to Europe.  She allowed Nate to come visit their boys anytime he wanted.  When Dr. Sark started Sark Industries, he offered her a job.  Allison eventually took it with the promise that there'd be no cruel animal testing done. 

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