Alana Katz
Alana Katz


Alana Katz





Date of Birth

June 18th, 1976


Anders Katz


Ella Katz

Alana Brenner Katz (June 18th, 1976) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.  She was an only child, and was good friends with Graham Ness since she was young. Despite his mental illness, Alana liked him a lot. But while he had a crush on her, she wasn't interested in him. In 1994 she graduated from high school as Salutorian. It was then that Alana met Dr. Anders Katz. She looked up to and respected him greatly. In 1996 they started dating, and a year later they got married and had a daughter. She continued studying for her psychology degree, and graduated in 2004. It was then she joined her husband's practice. In contrast to her husband, she is very emotional. She is known for her kindness. She is also respected by the psychiatric community. She and Graham are still good friends, though she still doesn't like being in the same room with him alone. 



Anders Katz -- Husband

Ella Katz -- Daughter


Karen French -- Co-Worker


Grahma Ness -- Friend

Bianca Ness -- Friend

Judith Dalton -- Friend

Marilyn Kirkpatrick -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"I like Graham.  I just don't want to be in a room alone with him.  I'm not afraid of him -- I know he wouldn't hurt me.  We've been friends for a long time.  It's my habit to overanlyze people that... makes me not want to be in a room alone with him.  Imagine you had a book in front of you filled with all sorts of wonderful things.  But you knew that inside there were all kinds of terrible things as well.  Things that you weren't sure that you could handle.  And when most people read this book... they read the version that has those things blacked out.  Either partially or entirely.  But for me... I don't have the parts blacked out."

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