Adam Sutton


Adam Sutton






Shadow Valley, California

Date of Birth

January 13th, 1983

Adam Sutton was born January 13th 1983. Growing up he had a strong sense of justice, and wanted to be a police officer. When he was eighteen years old he joined the police force. In 2003 he was promoted to Detective. It was a year later that he married the love of his life -- Amethyst Sutton.

Early LifeEdit

Adam Sutton was born in 1983 in Shadow Valley California. Growing up he always wanted to be a police officer. He and his little sister Kira Rhodes were close. He always looked out for her the best he could. Kira was always more into cars than he was, but he helped her take care of her first car -- a 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner. Adam and his parents were very close. His parents both were high ranking members of E-Tech.

Joining the Police ForceEdit

Adam Sutton joined the police force at eighteen. It was what he always wanted to do. He was very happy to serve and protect the people of Shadow Valley. He was partnered with Electra Amore. The two became close friends. He trusts Electra with his life.

Parents MurderEdit

When he was ninteen, his parents were murdered by Tod Laramie. He swore revenge on the man who killed his parents. But in the meantime he had to take care of his little sister, Kira. It wasn't until Kira married Jeff Rhodes in 2006 that he would be able to focus on his quest for revenge.


Adam was promoted to Detective in 2003. It was a year later that he was involved in the shootout at Desh Gas Station. After that, he was one of the only two detectives on the force after the promotion of Harmony Carrera to Chief of Police. Adam remained partners with Electra Amore.


A year after his promotion, he married the love of his life, Amethyst Sutton. Amethyst took a job at T-Mart, while Adam remained a detective.

Shadow Valley SlayerEdit

Adam was named a suspect during the murders committed by the Shadow Valley Slayer. He was cleared two weeks after the murders thanks by the Killer's Question.

Accusations of HomophobiaEdit

Adam Sutton was very homophobic. Upon learning the Chief was a Lesbian, he couldn't accept it. He would often harass gay couples in town. This nearly got him suspended several times. Even after he had a son who turned out to be gay, he disowned him. Adam was never able to get over his phobia.


"Men and Men and Women and Women aren't supposed to be together."

"The hell kind of question is that? Are you insinuating something? That Harmony is a lesbo?"

"They drove off a cliff. Not much to tell. Boss thought there was more too it. Me? I didn't think so."